Table with a Macbook connected to a monitor on top. Website from the portfolio displayed on the monitor.

What We Do

We develop mobile friendly web solutions. We assess each client’s needs, design products based on those needs and on the scope of the business. You will receive detailed advice on approaching the development with various frameworks and content management systems.

Number One

Research & Strategy

The main task before developing a design is to determine the goals to be achieved with the help of the site. It is important to understand what the target audience will be, how the site will be useful to its visitors, what tasks they will be able to solve with its help.

Number Two

Drafting & Prioritization

Definition of key pages on the site, on what to focus, how to interact with users. Thinking through an adaptive version, structure and navigation with a view to future progress. Development of schematic prototype pages.

Number three


The design of the site must contribute to the achievement of specific results and should not be an end in itself. Quality design is different from the work of art - in addition to artistic value, it helps to solve business problems.

Number four


The content management system (CMS) is selected based on the goals. For most projects we use WordPress or GatsbyJS. For projects of increased complexity we develop an individual system on top of proven frameworks like Laravel & React JS.

Number five

Testing & Launch

Website development is an iterative process that requires interaction between the client and the developer. In the process of testing, it may be necessary to make improvements or implement new ideas.

Number six

Support & Optimization

In order not to lose potential customers, it is important to keep the information on the site up to date. In order for the project to work efficiently and bring profit, it must reflect the dynamics of the company, develop and update.

Tech We Use

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