Photo of a circled black sign with Nucleus Media Logo on a building

What We Do

We make the brand a strategic tool for business management and development. An effective strategy helps manage the reputation, convey values and plan the development in the long run.

Number one


Study the industry, competitors, target market and your company.

Number two

Idea Conception

Thorough analysis of the gathered information and planning the brand development.

Number three

Styling & Visual Expression

We find how best to visually express the idea of the brand. At this stage we create first visual drafts.

Number four


Detailing the visual image, thinking through the elements by which people recognize the brand.

Number five


Translate the decisions of the previous stages into guidelines and templates.

Number six


We help introduce and maintain brand identity.

According to the study conducted in 2017 company brand values played a significant role in decision making with majority of consumers. Brand identity helps reveal the essence and convey the brand values to the customer with the help of visual and verbal components: name, slogan, logo, color, font, brand character, and so on. Brand strategy is a detailed and consistent long term plan that is aimed at achieving specific goals including formation of a brand identity.